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Fraternity Foodie Podcast

How can we improve our accessibility for college students? (Episode 332)

In episode 332 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Laurie chose the University of North Carolina - Wilmington, what is alternative text and how does it provide equal access, how alternative text can help you boost your fraternity or sorority website in the search engines, how to provide equal access and ensure your flyers and physical advertisements reach a wide audience on campus, an example of creating alternative text for a photo that we post on Instagram, how we improve the hashtags we are using on social media, how we can improve our physical access to our spaces for events from an accessibility standpoint,  and how we rethink all of these processes within student organizations with greater accessibility in mind.

The Admissions Club Podcast

EWC Consulting, The Admissions Club. Episode 34, “Where the Streets Have No Name: College Accessibility Considerations for Students with Learning Differences.” Laurie Necasek, Founder of All About Accessibility.*

Episode 34 - Where the Streets Have No Name: College Accessibility Considerations for Students with Learning Differences

Disability in college settings is often an unexplored street. How does a student with ADHD or autism or vision impairment navigate the college admissions process? If you are a student with a learning difference, there are some key things you need to consider when choosing a college. This includes not only examining the learning resources at the college, but also preparing yourself to become your own advocate as you move into adulthood. Tune in as Elizabeth talks with accessibility expert Laurie Necasek about all of this and more. Laurie Necasek manages digital accessibility projects, assists creators with accessible solutions and is the founder of All About Accessibility.

Crush Your Money Goals Podcast with Bernadette Joy

@Bernadebt Joy Presents: “Crush Your Money Goals”. A close-up of Bernadette Joy. She has long black hair, her eyes are closed, and she is blowing chopped-up credit cards towards the camera.

How To Grow Your Audience In 2023 With Accessible Content

You will reach more of your audience by incorporating accessibility with your online content and my guest and Crush Your Money Goals alum Laurie can help you get there!

Laurie Necasek is an expert on accessible solutions for digital content. She’ll share her learning and development and psychology expertise to help your business be more accessible to more people in 2023!

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