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I'm Not Techy, Why Should I Care About Digital Accessibility

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I totally get it! Accessibility seems like a topic just for people who work in tech or IT. But accessibility is 100% for everyone!

I know this because I’m not techy by any stretch of the imagination, but digital accessibility is my jam!

Let’s break it down:

Accessibility isn’t just about technology, it’s about the human experience.

Here’s what we know:

  • Humans are diverse
  • Disabilities contribute to diversity
  • Accessibility supports people with disabilities, BUT….
  • Accessibility is ALSO for EVERYONE!

Accessibility is a departure from “the norm”. But what is “the norm” really? 

Let’s face it, we all have preferences when it comes to technology. We all want our needs met regardless of what platform we’re on or what device we’re using. 

What preferences do you have with technology??

Examples include: Dictating text messages, dark mode, enlarged text on the screen, portrait versus landscape view, captions for videos, and high contrast colors.

Those are all preferences, but they also help make content accessible!

People with disabilities are in the same boat.

Let me explain with an example:

A person who is blind uses a screen reader to take your e-learning course. Using a screen reader is their preference. If you build your e-learning without accessibility, the person who is blind is EXCLUDED from the course. Their preference to use a screen reader and your inaccessible e-learning course is not compatible.

This scenario creates a trickle-down effect:

  • You just lost a customer.
  • They left your course feeling frustrated and will not return.
  • Even worse, they are going to tell their network about their negative experience with your course and business.

Now let’s flip that scenario!

You make your e-learning course accessible (or compatible for a person using a screen reader). A person who is blind can easily participate in the course by using their preferred technology, in this case, a screen reader. Their needs are met! Your e-learning course is made with accessibility, which means the person who is blind is INCLUDED. Now it’s compatible! Anyone using assistive technology can easily use your course.

Check out this trickle-down effect:

  • A prospective customer has a positive experience with your business
  • They tell their network about your business.
  • They support your business.
  • You increased your market share by reaching EVERYONE!

We can all agree that the second scenario is the one we’d like to see for our business. No brainer!

So back to my original point…

  • Accessibility is a matter of diversity that helps everyone!
  • It’s also a business strategy that can increase your revenue.
  • It’s not just a topic for people in tech, not even CLOSE!

Together we can take your digital content to the next level to reach EVERYONE and cover every inch of your market share!

Stand out from your competition with accessibility. We are ready to partner with you to achieve your business goals!

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